Volunteering with CSREC

Volunteering with CSREC is a great way to develop your skills, build confidence, meet a wide range of new people and a chance to work as part of an enthusiastic and motivated  team. Volunteering is a process of exchange. The people who volunteer for CSREC are an exciting, dynamic and diverse group who share a willingness to contribute their time and talent towards promoting equality and fighting discrimination. How you contribute and how much time you contribute, differs from person to person. We’re always looking for helpful and reliable volunteers, so why not make good use of your skills, get involved and join our volunteering team?

You could:

  • Help make our events more successful
  • Gain experience
  • Help raise funds and awareness of the organisation in your area
  • Help with research and policy
  • Get involved in your local and wider community
  • Use your skills at our office
  • Help with raising awareness of our organisation and  our work in the media
  • Help with producing campaign materials (We need specialist skills, such as photography, graphic design, web design, writing, editing and filming) and much more!

CSREC are a charity organisation with a small staff base, volunteers are key to the daily functioning within the organsation. We recruit volunteers for the following areas of work:

  • Administration
  • Research and Policy
  • Fundraising
  • Community Engagement
  • Youth Development
  • Graphics
  • Law Volunteers for Support/ Advice service ( for volunteers with experience or academic background in law or case work support)

Why volunteer with CSREC?

Apart from wanting to work with others, improve skills and towards promoting equality and fighting discrimination, people are motivated to work for CSREC for different reasons:

Students – course placement or work experience
Between jobs – a couple of months to spare before starting a new job
Retirement – making good use of years of expertise
Special interest/skill – which can make a valuable contribution to CSREC
Spare time – a few hours a week to get involved in something different and rewarding.

Whatever your reason is, we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to volunteer with CSREC then please contact us by 01324 610950 or admin@centralscotlandrec.org.uk.

Volunteering requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours a week.

Volunteering opportunities are open to all!


CSREC Volunteer Application Form

CSREC Volunteer Welcome Pack

CSREC Volunteer Flyer

Volunteer Agreement

CSREC Equality Monitoring form