Pat Reid – Director

Pat was born in Falkirk and lives in Laurieston with his wife, Sandra. They have four children and eight grandchildren.

Pat became a member of the CSREC Board in 2011 after having been associated with its activities for several years before that.

Pat was elected as a member of Falkirk Council following a by-election in March 2004. He was elected Provost in 2007 and then re-elected in 2012 with his period of office ceasing in 2017. Pat was reelected as Councillor at the local government election held in May 2017.

As Provost, he presided over Council meetings. In addition, he is convener of four Common Good Fund Committees, convener of the Civic Licensing Committee and serves, by virtue of being a Councillor, on various other internal and external bodies, including Falkirk Community Trust, the Criminal Justice Authority, the Scottish National War Memorial Committee, Falkirk and District Arts and Civic Council, Stirlingshire Educational Trust etc..

In addition, Pat serves on various voluntary groups such as Falkirk and District Twinning Association, Odenwald Association, Dobbie Hall Trust, Falkirk Fairtrade Steering Group, Grangemouth Spitfire Memorial Trust etc.

Pat also acts in an honorary capacity as Vice-president of Falkirk District Scouting, President of Parkinson’s Falkirk, President of Project Theatre Grangemouth etc. He is a Honorary life member of UNISON and of Legion Scotland Grangemouth.