Falkirk People’s Rights and Equality Group – FPREG

Falkirk People’s Rights and Equality Group – FPREG exists to provide a platform for local people to share their experiences and provide their thoughts on how local services could be made to be more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Our meetings provide a safe space where members of the Falkirk community can share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with us, and know that we will listen without judgement.

They provide an opportunity to learn more about equality, hate crime and discrimination, to build networks, make recommendations on how services can better cater to the needs of the whole community, participate in consultations and improve your participation in civic life.

Our next meeting will be held on 20th June 2018

If you are interested in attending the next meeting of the Falkirk People’s Rights and Equality Group, please contact Linsay Taylor, Equality Engagement Officer, at admin@csrec.org.uk