Our Services

Forth Valley Communities for Conservation

Our Forth Valley Communities for Conservation project will aim to foster increased awareness and behaviour changes amongst minority ethnic communities in Central Scotland (Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire) around the topics of energy efficiency, climate change and environmentally friendly transportation.

Third Party Reporting Centre

Third Party Reporting is a way of reporting a crime, including Hate Crime and Domestic Abuse. This is a way of passing on information without, necessarily, having to talk to the police directly, if you so wish.

Equality in the Community

Equality in the Community seeks to tackle hate crime, discrimination and also increase participation of people and communities affected by these so they are supported to participate in and engage with services and civic society in Central Scotland.

Training and Consultancy

CSREC delivers a range of bespoke training within the Public, Private & Voluntary Sectors. These courses can be tailored to your needs.

Support and Advice Service

CSREC run a Support and Advice Service, this is a confidential service which provides free and impartial advice for individuals

Tackling Sectarianism

It has already been widely agreed that sectarianism in Scotland is a unique and complex social issue and not simply as easy as one side hates the other or related solely to football. As a result the toolkit has been designed to incorporate a variety of topics and not just sectarianism in an effort to give a better understanding of sectarianism in Central Scotland.

Falkirk People’s Rights & Equality Group

Falkirk People’s Rights and Equality Group exists to provide a platform for local people to share their experiences and provide their thoughts on how local services could be made to be more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Equalities Engagement

The Equalities Engagement project supports public bodies to engage with diverse communities and community organisations to positively advance the Public Sector Equality Duty in the Forth Valley Area. The project also progresses the capacity and participation of diverse communities across the Forth Valley Area.

Capacity building

CSREC promotes capacity building within the local community, focusing on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people within the community, governments and non-governmental organizations in order to enhancing the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results in order to promote equality and fight discrimination.

M.A.H.R.S. (Multi-Agency Hate Response Strategy)

This is a partnership that is committed to working together to identify and eliminate unlawful discrimination, physical and verbal attacks and harassment. The MAHRS partnership aims to promote and foster good relations between all members of communities and those protected by the Equality Act 2010.