CSREC have been awarded £196,155.24 to run the One Planet Forth Valley Project to help local minority communities tackle climate change.

We have been provided with a Climate Challenge Fund Grant by Scottish Government to conduct our work from 01 April  2020 to 31 March 2022.

This Project will offer free support helping people from the Forth Valley to understand how materialistic consumption levels affect climate change and help them to change their behaviour patterns to reduce their CO2e emissions.

The project will increase understanding of climate change in the local community through Swap Shops, furniture and clothing upcycling workshops, sewing lessons, a community fridge and an online local sustainable consumerism hub. It will facilitate discussion about climate change by holding regular Climate Conversations with community groups, displaying information and distributing information leaflets at our regular events.

Our community consultation showed that 39% of people disposed of unwanted clothing in the household waste either often or sometimes, and 3% always disposed of clothing this way. 32% of respondents stated that they never shopped in charity shops or passed clothes onto others. 68% of people were concerned about the amount of clothing they disposed of and 67% were concerned about their food waste.

If we are to try and prevent further damage to the Earth’s climate, and slow the progression of climate change, behaviours such as these need to stop.

We need to make lifestyle changes that can benefit the environment, slow climate change and potentially improve household economies.

By providing expert-led skills and workshops to build capacity and confidence to reuse, repair, and upcycle items such as furniture and clothes, as well as delivering 20 community swap events, the Project will reduce the CO2e of buying new.

Additionally, we will pilot and roll out a community fridge to enable people to share and exchange surplus food to help prevent waste, reduce CO2e and help with food poverty.

We will help our communities to build skills by providing the following:

  • Monthly pop-up swap shops
  • Sewing workshops
  • Clothes upcycling workshops
  • Furniture upcycling workshops
  • A Community fridge
  • Carbon Conversations focusing on fashion and waste
  • An Online Forth Valley Eco hub

If you would like to take part in any of these activities, join the One Planet Forth Valley steering group, or become a One Planet Forth Valley volunteer, please get in touch.