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Central Scotland Regional Equality Council’s Forth Valley Communities for Conservation project will bring together 120 households from minority ethnic communities living in Central Scotland. The project will aim to reduce carbon emissions in households and empower members of the community to work together to change their behaviour to positively tackle climate change.


We will work with households from minority ethnic communities living in the Forth Valley area to support and advise; build capacity and resilience around climate change through multi-layered interventions. The long-term impact of the project is to help minority ethnic communities make necessary behaviour changes to reduce their CO2e emissions; foster community cohesion through involvement in climate change related initiatives and reduce social isolation.

The key objectives of the project are :
a. Cut carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) by 268.74 tonnes by supporting minority ethnic households and individuals to save energy inside and outside the home by learning new skills and encouraging reduced carbon behaviour
b. Reduce CO2e of advised and supported BME households by 9%
c. Reduce CO2e of those being advised to change their transport habits by 15%
d. Minority ethnic communities are better engaged in the issue of climate change through increased understanding and awareness.
e. Minority ethnic individuals have used their new skills to alter their behaviour and are taking the lower carbon route


We have been provided with a Climate Challenge Fund Grant of £111,166 to conduct our work from 01 April  2017 to 31 March 2018.


If you would like any more information about the Climate Challenge Fund then please go to: www.climatechallengefund.org