The Staff Team

Martin Fotheringham – General Manager
Gillian Currie – Admin Officer and Volunteer Coordinator
Elaine N Hill – Project Coordinator, Forth Valley Communities for Conservation
Danuta Krzysztofiak – Community Link Officer, Forth Valley Communities for Conservation
Taya Mozagba – Community Link Officer, Forth Valley Communities for Conservation
Sherry Bien Macintosh – Community Link Officer, Forth Valley Communities for Conservation
Sana Zia – Community Link Officer, Forth Valley Communities for Conservation
Brian R Combe – Volunteer Coordinator, Forth Valley Communities for Conservation
Kieran Gilmore – Equality Engagement Officer
Sarah Noone – Dementia Project Worker
Eman Hani – Project Coordinator, Workplace Equality Fund

Board of Directors

CSREC is governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected from the membership. The members of the current Management Board are as follows:

The following attend our board meetings as observers.

  • Councillor Maureen Bennison – Stirling Council
  • Liz Fraser – Stirling Council
  • Charlene Condeco – NHS Forth Valley
  • PC Helen Auld – Police Scotland
  • Falkirk Council – to be confirmed

Our subcommittees are as follows:

Finance and General Purposes Subcommittee
Pat Reid (Convener), Claire Fotheringham and Jessica Lindohf

HR Subcommittee
Bobby Malik, Kelly Marriot and Maria Throp


Our short life working groups are as follows:

CSREC Business Plan

Jessica Lindohf (Convener) and Maria Throp

CSREC Constitution

Pat Reid, Jessica Lindohf and William McChord

CSREC Members Cafe

Claire Fotheringham

CSREC has signed the 50/50 by 2020 pledge to achieve gender balance on our board. “Effective boards bring together diverse thinking and talent. So we welcome the opportunity to sign up to the Partnership for Change and commit to further the diversity of our Board, working towards 50/50 gender balance by 2020.” 

For more information on 50/50 by 2020 click here.


  • Sajila Kosar
  • Kenny Muir
  • Myriam Galloway
  • Shakila Shajahan
  • Jakub Kukielka
  • Edit Csada
  • Wei Jiang
  • Sajida Gul
  • Jian Ying Hong
  • Pearl Hastie
  • Mridul Wadhwa
  • Bienvenido Frances Moreno
  • Robert Hunter
  • Caroline Fraser
  • Alisar Abdallah
  • Ahlam Al Swaidani
  • Natalia Reucka
  • Alan Ross
  • Nadia Orlando
  • Azra Parveen
  • Anna Natasha Sutherland Seuret
  • Manminder Kaur
  • Kirby Rose Hutcheson
  • Urooj Azim
  • Aliha Irfan
  • Dalal Haj Qasim
  • Zain Lutfi
  • David Tiseo
  • Donald Macintosh
  • Henrietta Mochrie
  • Laura Darling
  • Nasir Begum
  • Abubakar Khan
  • Franchesca Smith
  • Damian Radu
  • Sumita Mahapatra
  • Midhu Mohan
  • Sharmila Karki
  • Patricia McMaster
  • Amali Dias
  • Blake Turner
  • Neha Bhatnagar
  • Emma Diamond
  • Kelsey McMath
  • Vanessa Peto
  • Emily Lindie
  • Christine Kinnon

If you would like to volunteer with CSREC then please contact us by 01324 610950 or

Fill in the Volunteer Application form

Volunteering requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours a week.

Volunteering opportunities are open to all!